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WOMEESA and IAPG signed a MoU

WOMEESA - Women in Earth and Environmental Sciences in Australasia and the IAPG signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 15 August 2023.

The aim of the MoU is to develop a coordinated approach, where appropriate, for promoting initiatives and events on gender diversity, equity, and inclusion in the geosciences, as well as on the ethical, social, and cultural implications of geosciences, and favoring high ethical standards in the research and practice of geoscience in order to better serve the geoscience community and society as a whole.

WOMEESA agrees to support the “Cape Town Statement on Geoethics” (that contains the Geoethical Promise, an Hippocratic-like oath for geoscientists, and agrees to be included in the list of supporting organizations of the statement.

WOMEESA ( is a non-for-profit initiative that brings together Earth and Environmental Scientists through Australasia. The objectives of WOMEESA are to: (a) promote gender equity and women in Earth and Environmental Sciences and related fields across all industries in the Australasia region; (b) provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge towards gender equity in Earth and Environmental Sciences and related fields; and (c) serve as a link between various Australasian and international organisations and individuals with interest in achieving gender equity in Earth and Environmental Sciences and related fields.​​


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