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IAPG mission


IAPG aims to promote Geoethics values and principles through international cooperation, encouraging the involvement and debate of geoscientists, especially those belonging to less developed countries, and assuring a good coordination among these nations.


IAPG intends to foster the dissemination of Geoethics through a dedicated website, the publication of scientific papers, the organization of meetings and sessions/symposia on Geoethics within national and international geoscientific events.


The IAPG will accomplish these objectives by:


  • holding International Conferences on Geoethics;

  • encouraging the establishment of both regional and specialty groups, meetings, research and field programs and publications on Geoethics;

  • cooperating with national and international organizations whose aims are complementary to those of the IAPG;

  • exchanging information through its members, with newsletters, publications or other suitable tools, social networks included;

  • promoting the creation of working groups within universities and professional associations, for the development of Geoethics themes;

  • encouraging the participation of geoscientists in the work of relevant international organizations on the basis of equal opportunities.

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