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Joining the IAPG implies to fully support and endorse principles expressed in the IAPG Constitution
IAPG is for all who share respect for colleagues regardless their personal beliefs, cultures and orientations, and are available to work for promoting an ethical approach to geosciences. This implies that IAPG doesn't tolerate discimination.
Becoming an IAPG member is easy!
You need just to register by filling in the form below.
If the membership is accepted, a confirmation email will be sent by the IAPG Secretariat.
In case you have difficulties to visualize the form below, please send the following information by email to
- First Name 
- Last Name 
- Occupation 
- Institute (University/Insitute/Company/Other) 
- Department/Office 
- Address, City 
- Zip Code 
- Country 
- Email 1 
- Email 2 (if any) 
- Website (if any)
No fee is required at this time, but individual donations would be welcome to defray expenses.
Instructions for donating to IAPG are included under "Bank Account".

Thank you!
IAPG membership
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