International Geoethics Day


IAPG officially launches the International Geoethics Day on 12 October 2017, during the Earth Science Week 2017.
The aim of the International Geoethics Day is to raise the awareness of the geoscience community and society as a whole about the importance of ethical, social and cultural aspects of geoscience knowledge, research, practice, education and communication.

The International Geoethics Day will be held every year during the Earth Science Week.


IAPG welcomes proposals to organize initiatives aimed at promoting geoethics locally and globally to celebrate this day.


IAPG works for a respectful stewardship of the Earth: our way to take care of future generations.

International Geoethics Day editions: 

Responsible Mining - TGRM - IAPG

International Geoethics Day 2021: Geoethics enhances the value of Geodiversity
14 October 2021

To celebrate the 5th edition of the International Geoethics Day , send an email to with a photo of you together with a geological item of the place where you live (outcrop, rock, mineral, fossil, geological landscape and/or process). In alternative, post your photo on social media by using the hashtag: #geoethicsday2021.

Moreover, if you want to organize an event (conference, webinar, seminar, field trip, etc.) to celebrate the International Geoethics Day, please inform the IAPG Secretariat by sending an email to: IAPG will be happy to promote your event.

Hashtag: #geoethicsday2021

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International Geoethics Day 2020: make a... Geoethical Promise!

15 October 2020

The 4th edition of this event is dedicated to the early career and young geoscientists.

How to celebrate the International Geoethics Day 2020

Hashtag: #geoethicsday2020

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International Geoethics Day 2019: Seed Today... for the future!

17 October 2019

Hashtag: #geoethicsday2019

Soil, air and water pollution, land degradation, biodiversity loss, global warming, are among the main threats for human communities.

The International Geoethics Day 2019 aims to raise people's awareness and responsibility on anthropogenic global changes, trying to change the way in which we relates to our planet.

In order to celebrate the 3rd edition of the International Geoethics Day we ask you to:


1) seed or plant something in the ground (trees, flowers, plants, or shrubs);
2) use the IAPG label to tag what you have planted (possibly, print it on recycled paper or use the other side of an already printed sheet);
3) take a photo and post it on social networks, by using the hashtag "#geoethicsday2019".

In the IAPG label you find this sentence: “This is the contribution of the IAPG to make better our future on Earth”.

This event is included in the Earth Science Week 2019 and the Global Ethics Day 2019.

International Geoethics Day 2019


International Geoethics Day 2019


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International Geoethics Day 2018: Geoethics is...

18 October 2018

Dear IAPG members and followers,

I'm glad to inform you that on 18 October 2018 the IAPG  will celebrate the International Geoethics Day.

As you know, this initiative was born in 2017 with the aim to raise the awareness of the geoscience community and society as a whole about the importance of geoethics.

The International Geoethics Day 2018 falls during the Earth Science Week and close to the Global Ethics Day and will be the occasion to strongly reaffirm the geoethical values in which we believe and that are the foundations of our association.

Here you can download a leaflet with the incipit of a statement: "geoethics is...".

Please, complete the sentence with one word, the word that you feel more appropriate, print the leaflet and take a picture of you with the leaflet in your hands well in evidence.

Finally, during the day of 18 October (not before!) post the picture on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and use the hashtag: #geoethicsday2018.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

Kind regards,

Silvia Peppoloni
(IAPG Secretary General)

IAPG events to celebrate the International Geoethics Day 2018:

NGC1 - First Nigeria Geoethics Conference "Integrating Geoethics into the Extractive Industry Governance": 18-19 October 2018, Port Harcourt (Nigeria); WebsiteDownload the poster (pdf file)


International Geoethics Day 2018

Leafleat (word file)

Supporting organizations:


International Geoethics Day 2017: take your photo!

12 October 2017

Download the leafleat of the International Geoethics Day (here on the right), print it, take your photo with it, finally post your photo on social networks! (Hashtag: #geoethicsday)

International Geoethics Day 2017

Leafleat (pdf file)