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Geoethics themes


Geoethics provides a reference and guidelines for behaviour in addressing concrete problems of human life by trying to find socio-economic solutions compatible with a respect for the environment and the protection of Nature and land.


Geoethics reflects the social role played by Geoscientists and their responsibilities highlighting the ethical, cultural and economic repercussions that their behavioral choices may have on society.


Geoethics encourages a critical analysis of the use and management of geo-resources.


Geoethics deals with problems related to the risk management and the mitigation of geohazards.


Geoethics fosters the proper and correct dissemination of the results of scientific studies and other information on risks.


Geoethics aims to improve the relationships between the scientific community, the mass media and the public.


Geoethics promotes the development of the geoparks and geo-tourism, in order to create social awareness about the value of the geological heritage and geodiversity.


Geoethics highlights the value and usefulness of the geological and geophysical knowledge in daily life by promoting disciplines like geo-medicine and forensic geosciences.


Geoethics aims to organize effective teaching tools to develop awareness, values and responsibility, especially amongst the young people.

IAPG works to developing theoretical and practical activities covering a wide range of contents comprising: philosophy of geosciences and history of geosciences thinking; research integrity and professionalism in geosciences; working climate issues and related aspects; geoethics in georisks and disaster risk reduction; responsible georesources management; ethical and social aspects in geoeducation and geosciences communication; geoethics applied to different geoscience fields including economic geology, paleontology, forensic geology and medical geology; ethical and societal relevance of geoheritage and geodiversity; sociological aspects in geosciences and geosciences-society-policy interface; geosciences for sustainable and responsible development; geoethical implications in global and local changes of socio-ecological systems; ethics in geoengineering; ethical issues in climate change and ocean science studies; ethical implications in geosciences data life cycle and big data; ethical and social matters in the international geoscience cooperation.
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