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IAPG is official partner of the AGU Ethics & Equity Center

The AGU Ethics and Equity Center provides resources to educate, promote and ensure responsible scientific conduct and establish tools, practices, and data for organizations to foster a positive work climate in science. The Center can help you meet your ethics goals, whether you are an individual scientist looking for resources or professional ethics development, a leader looking to implement best practices at your organization, or an institution wanting to update your code of conduct. The Center is led by the American Geophysical Union (AGU). 



IAPG has contributed to update the Code of Ethics of the European Federation of Geologists (EFG)

This important update, unanimously approved and agreed upon by the EFG Council at the 72nd EFG Council meeting held in Brussels on 19 and 20 November 2016, relates to the maintenance of a high level of professionalism in a working environment, and in particular to the importance of fighting harassment and discrimination.

The point 13, added in the EFG Code of Ethics, states: 

"...A respectful and fruitful working environment is fundamental for maintaining a high level of professionalism. Therefore, discrimination or harassment, either sexual or of any other kind, is unacceptable because it offends the dignity of persons and seriously undermines the atmosphere of trust essential to the work of all geologists. Such actions should be denounced immediately to authorities. It is unprofessional and unethical to condone any kind of discrimination or harassment or to disregard complaints of harassment from colleagues or staff...".

Read here the EFG Code of Ethics:

Christine McEntee is the IAPG expert on
"Harassment and Discrimination in Geosciences"

Christine McEntee is Executive Director and CEO of the American Geophysical Union (AGU). 


List of IAPG experts

AGI Statement on Harassment in the Geosciences

Statement accepted by the AGI Executive Committee on 9 April 2018.

Produced by the AGI Ad Hoc Committee on Harassment in the Geosciences.

Introduction and Scope

Geoscientists guide humanity in the use and stewardship of Earth's resources, drive the scientific pursuit of new knowledge about the planet, and provide education in all of the earth sciences.  Professionals and students in the geosciences represent all walks of life with a full array of personal attributes and cultures. 

The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) expects those in the profession to adhere to the highest ethical standards in all professional activities. This includes the active promotion of working and learning environments free of all forms of harassment, aggression or coercion based on any personal attributes, cultures, or differences in status.  This also includes a firm rejection of those who would harass other geoscientists of any rank or status in a manner that may jeopardize their personal safety or comfort or otherwise potentially impede their professional progress or growth.  The guidelines address shared aspects of this topic across the geoscience community; the professional codes of conduct for individual societies may expand beyond these guidelines.

This statement applies to geoscientists at all career stages, including students through senior professionals.  The statement is designed to allow and encourage comprehensive application within scope and span of member society rules, in the particular situations encountered by geoscientists within their ranks.  This document provides a coherent statement of values and conduct from and within the broader AGI community, and joins the voices of many other major STEM societies internationally in promoting healthy, supportive working and learning environments in our scientific endeavors.


Read the AGI Statement



Kristen St. John, Eric Riggs, and Dave Mogk (2016). Sexual Harassment in the Sciences: A Call to Geoscience Faculty and Researchers to Respond. Journal of Geoscience Education: November 2016, Vol. 64, No. 4, pp. 255-257

AGI webinar recording: "Harassment and Workplace Climate"

Friday, September 22, 2017 1:00pm EDT
Series: AGU/AGI Heads and Chairs Webinar
The latest updates on community efforts to address issues of harassment and workplace climate issues.

Webinar recording

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