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Articles/Book chapters on Geoethics

Bellaubi Fava F. (2024) 

Geoethics in the Theological Perspective: Beatitudes, Human Rights and Human-Geosphere Intersections

Journal of Geoethics and Social Geosciences, 1(1), 1–23.


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Peppoloni S. e Di Capua G. (2024) 

La geoetica per riscrivere il complesso sistema di relazioni dell’umano

In: Giacobello M.L. (a cura di), Complessità ed Ecoetica, pp. 147-188, Armando Siciliano Editore


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Abrunhosa M., Chambel A., Peppoloni S., Ferraz de Matos P., Aragão A., Petitta M. & Chaminé H.I. (2024) 

Water resources management for a sustainable nexus of hydrogeoethics and societal well-being

Sustainable Water Resources Management, 10:97, 1–4.


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Chan M.A. and Mogk D.W. (2023) 

Establishing an Ethic of Sampling for Future Generations of Geoscientists

GSA Today, 33(8), 16–18.


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Gerbaudo A. and Tonon M.D. (2023) 

Words as stones for a geoethical glossary

Journal of Geoethics and Social Geosciences, 1(1), 1–23.


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Peppoloni S., Woo G., Martí J., and Di Capua G. (2023) 

Geoethics: The Missing Piece in the Separation of Responsibility Between Volcanologists and Decision-Makers

In Malheiro A., Fernandes F., Chaminé H.I. (Eds.), Advances in Natural Hazards and Volcanic Risks: Shaping a Sustainable Future. NATHAZ 2022. Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation. Springer, Cham, 19-23.



Peppoloni S. (2023) 

Geoethics to Face Natural Risks by Improving Societal Resilience

In Malheiro A., Fernandes F., Chaminé H.I. (Eds.), Advances in Natural Hazards and Volcanic Risks: Shaping a Sustainable Future. NATHAZ 2022. Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation. Springer, Cham, 3-8.



Kernen R., Amos K., Abu C., Allen J., Ahmed S., Birgenheier L., Frank-Collins J., George T., Gomez K., Haagsma A., Hart-Wagoner N., López Vega A., Onwumelu C. and Rysak B. (2023) 

Creating and promoting gender equity and diversity in professional geological societies: A focus on AAPG

Journal of Geoethics and Social Geosciences, 1(1), 1–31.


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Canseco R. and Bellaubi Fava F. (2022) 

Application of geoethics to university education based on a mining geoethical dilemma case study in the Catalonian Potassic Basin (Spain)

Journal of Geoethics and Social Geosciences, 1(1), 1–37.


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Marjanović M., Radivojević A.R., Antić A., Peppoloni S., Di Capua G., Lazarević J., Marković R.S., Tomić N., Milićević A.L., Langović Z., Mišić I. and Marković S.B. (2022)

Geotourism and geoethics as support for rural development in the Knjaževac municipality, Serbia

Open Geosciences, 14(1), 794-812.


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Jouini M., Royer-Lavallée A., Pabst T., Chung E., Kim R., Cheong Y.-W. and Neculita C.M. (2022)

Sustainable Production of Rare Earth Elements from Mine Waste and Geoethics

Minerals, 12(7), 809.


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Procesi M., Di Capua G., Peppoloni S., Corirossi M. and Valentinelli A. (2022)

Science and Citizen Collaboration as Good Example of Geoethics for Recovering a Natural Site in the Urban Area of Rome (Italy)

Sustainability, 14(8), 4429.


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Bohle M. and Marone E. (2022)

Phronesis at the Human-Earth Nexus: Managed Retreat

Frontiers in Political Science.


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Handl S., Calheiros C.S.C., Fiebig M. and Langergraber G. (2022)

Educational Resources for Geoethical Aspects of Water Management

Geosciences, 12(2), 80.


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Di Capua G., Bohle M., Hildebrandt D., Marone E., Peppoloni S., Schneider S. (2022)

Push for ethical practices in geoscience fieldwork

Nature, 601, 26.



Peppoloni S. and Di Capua G. (2021)

Geoetica: un’etica per la relazione tra gli esseri umani e la terra

(Geoethics: an ethics for the relationship between humans and the Earth)

The Future of Science and Ethics, 6, 42-53.


Download (open access)

Ribeiro T., Lima L. and Vasconcelos C. (2021)

The need for transparent communication in mining: a case study in lithium exploitation

International Journal of Science Education, Part B.



Chaminé H.I., Abrunhosa M., Barbieri M., Naves A., Errami E., Aragão A. and Di Capua G. (2021)

Hydrogeoethics in sustainable water resources management facing water scarcity in Mediterranean and surrounding regions

Mediterranean Geoscience Reviews.


Download (open access)

Peppoloni S. and Di Capua G. (2021)

Current Definition and Vision of Geoethics

In: Bohle M. and Marone E. (eds), Geo-societal Narratives - Contextualising geosciences. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, pp. 17-28.


Download (pre-print, pdf version)

Bohle M. (2021)

A geo‑ethical logic for citizens and geoscientists

Sustainable Water Resources Management, 7, 85,


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Peppoloni S. and Di Capua G. (2021)

Geoethics to Start Up a Pedagogical and Political Path towards Future Sustainable Societies

Sustainability, 13(18), 10024,


Download (pdf version)

DeMiguel D., Brilha J., Alegret L., Arenillas I., Arz J.A., Gilabert V., Strani F., Valenciano A., Villas E. and Azanza B. (2021)

Linking geological heritage and geoethics with a particular emphasis on palaeontological heritage: the new concept of ‘palaeontoethics’

Geoheritage, 13, 69,


Download (pdf version)

Georgousis E., Savelides S., Mosios S., Holokolos M.-V., Drinia H. (2021)

The Need for Geoethical Awareness: The Importance of Geoenvironmental Education in Geoheritage Understanding in the Case of Meteora Geomorphes, Greece

Sustainability, 13(12), 6626,


Download (pdf version)

Conversi D. (2021)

Exemplary Ethical Communities. A New Concept for a Livable Anthropocene

Sustainability, 13(10), 5582;


Download (pdf version)

Bellaubi F., Mallarach J.M. and Sardá R. (2021)

A Geoethical Approach to Unlock a Social-Ecological Governance Problem: The Case of the Tordera River (Catalonia, Spain)

Sustainability, 13(8), 4253;


Download (pdf version)

Ayeh D. and Bleicher A. (2021)

One concept fits it all? On the relationship between geoethics and responsible mining

Extractive Industries and Society, 8(3), 100934.


Download (pdf version)

Bohle M. and Marone E. (2021)

Geoethics, a Branding for Sustainable Practices

Sustainability, 13(2), 895,


Download (pdf version)

Bohle M., Peppoloni S., and Marone E. (2020)

Viewing Earth and World through the Geoethical Lens

Human Futures, Issue 2, 28-29,


Download (pdf version)

Drąsutė V., Corradi S., Peppoloni S., Di Capua G. (2020) 

Geoethics and New Medias: Sharing Knowledge and Values

In: 10th The Future of Education International Conference – Virtual, Conference Proceedings, Filodiritto Editore, Bologna,


Download (pdf version)

Marone E. and Bohle M. (2020)

Geoethics for Nudging Human Practices in Times of Pandemics

Sustainability, 12(18), 7271,


Open access: download pdf

Antić A., Peppoloni S., Di Capua G. (2020)

Applying the Values of Geoethics for Sustainable Speleotourism Development

Geoheritage, 12(3):73, 1-9,


Open access: download pdf

Abbott D.M. Jr. (2020)

Natural Resources and Sustainability: Geoethics Fundamentals and Reality 

The Professional Geologist, 57(4), 19-25


Download (pdf version)

Bellaubi F., Mallarach J.M., and Sardá R. (2020)

A geoethical approach to the governance of social-ecological systems: the case of Delta del Tordera (Cataluna) 

Actas XI Congreso Ibérico de Gestión y Planificación del Agua, 787–800


Download (pdf version)

Mogk D.W. and Bruckner M.Z. (2020)

Geoethics training in the Earth and environmental sciences 

Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 1, 81–83,


Read here

Peppoloni S., Bilham N., and Di Capua G. (2019)

Contemporary Geoethics within Geosciences

Chapter 2, in:  Bohle Martin (Ed.), Exploring Geoethics - Ethical Implications, Societal Contexts, and Professional Obligations of the Geosciences. Authors: Bohle Martin, Peppoloni Silvia, Di Capua Giuseppe, Bilham Nic, Marone Eduardo, Rika Preiser, 2019, Palgrave Pivot, Cham, XIV + 214, ISBN 978-3-030-12009-2.


Download (pre-print, pdf version)

Careddu N., Di Capua G., and Siotto G. (2019)

Dimension stone industry should meet the fundamental values of geoethics

Resources Policy, 63, 101468; doi: 10.1016/j.resourpol.2019.101468


Download (pdf version)

Bohle M. and Bilham N. (2019)

The ‘Anthropocene Proposal’: A Possible Quandary and A Work-Around

Quaternary, 2, 19; doi: 10.3390/quat2020019


Download (pdf version)

Bohle M., Nauen C.E., and Marone E. (2019)

Ethics to Intersect Civic Participation and Formal Guidance

Sustainability, 11, 773, doi: 10.3390/su11030773


Download (pdf version)

Scott E. Foss (2019)

Geoethics in the Field: Leading by Example

Earth, 8, 8-10


Download (pdf version)

Barbier M., Reitz A., Pabortsava K., Wölfl A.-C., Hahn T., and Whoriskey F. (2018)

Ethical recommendations for ocean observation

Advances in Geosciences, 45, 343–361, doi: 10.5194/adgeo-45-343-2018


Download (pdf version)

Arattano M., Peppoloni S., Gatti A. (2018)

The ethical duty to divulge geosciences and the improvement of communication skills to fufil it

Episodes, 2018, vol. 41, n. 2, pp. 97-103


Download (pdf version)

Bohle M. (2018)

One Realm: Thinking Geoethically and Guiding Small-Scale Fisheries?

The European Journal of Development Research, Online first


Read more

Bobrowsky P., V.S. Cronin, G. Di Capua, S.W. Kieffer, S. Peppoloni (2017)

The Emerging Field of Geoethics

In: Gundersen Linda C. (Ed.). Scientific Integrity and Ethics in the Geosciences, 2017, p. 336, American Geophysical Union, Wiley, ISBN 978-1-119-06778-8


Download (pdf version)

Stewart I.S. and Gill J.C. (2017)

Social geology — integrating sustainability concepts into Earth sciences

Proc. Geol. Assoc., Vol. 128, Issue 2, April 2017, Pages 165–172


Download (pdf version)

Meller C., Schillb E., Bremer J., Kolditz O., Bleicher A., Benighaus C., Chavot P., Gross M., Pellizzone A., Renn O., Schilling F., Kohl T. (2017)

Acceptability of geothermal installations: A geoethical concept for GeoLaB

Geothermics, Available online 14 August 2017,


Download (pdf version)

Mansur K.L., Ponciano L. C.M.O., De Castro A. R.S.F. (2017)

Contributions to a Brazilian Code of Conduct for Fieldwork in Geology: an approach based on Geoconservation and Geoethics

Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências (Annals of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences), vol. 89, no. 1, supl. 0, 431-444,

Download (pdf version)

Kholoud Abdel Maksoud, Nada Abdel-Hak and Mohamed Galal (2017)

Culture Impact on the Term Geo-ethics in Egypt

Journal of Geological Resource and Engineering 2, 70-75. DOI: 10.17265/2328-2193/2017.02.003

Download (pdf version)

Peppoloni S. and Di Capua G. (2016)

Geoethics: Ethical, social, and cultural values in geosciences research, practice, and education

pp. 17-21. DOI: 10.1130/2016.2520(03)

In: Wessel, G.R., and Greenberg, J.K., eds., Geoscience for the Public Good and Global Development: Toward a Sustainable Future: Geological Society of America Special Paper 520, 2016, ISBN: 978-0-8137-2520-8


Download (pdf version)

Google Books (free version)

Bohle M. (2016)

Handling of Human-Geosphere Intersections

Geosciences 6, no. 1: 3


Free download (pdf version)

Vasconcelos C., Torres J., Vasconcelos L., Moutinho S. (2016)

Sustainable Development and its Connection to Teaching Geoethics

Episodes, 2014, vol. 39, n. 3, pp. 509-517

Free download (pdf version)

Oboni F. and Oboni C. (2016)

The Long Shadow of Human‐Generated Geohazards: Risks and Crises

In: Arvin Farid (ed.), Geohazards Caused by Human Activity, ISBN 978-953-51-2802-1, Print ISBN 978-953-51-2801-4, 150 pages, Publisher: InTech

Free download (pdf version)

Peppoloni S. and Di Capua G. (2015)

The Meaning of Geoethics

Chapter 1, pp. 3-14. DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-12-799935-7.00001-0

In: Wyss M. and Peppoloni S. (Eds). Geoethics: Ethical challenges and case studies in Earth Sciences, 2015, Elsevier, ISBN: 978-0127999357


Free download (pdf version)

Peppoloni S. (2015)

Geoethics: A framework for the management of the geosphere and geo-risks

In: J. Marino and S. Villacorta (Eds.), Libro de Resumenes - Foro Internacional sobre Gestion del Riesgo Geologico, Arequipa, Peru. October 2015, pp. 259-263


Free download (pdf version)

Peppoloni S., Bobrowsky P., Di Capua G. (2015)

Geoethics: A Challenge for Research Integrity in Geosciences

pp. 287-294, DOI: 10.1142/9789814632393_0035

In: Steneck N., Anderson M., Kleinert S., Mayer T. (Eds.). Integrity in the Global Research Arena. May 2015, 336 pp., World Scientific Publishing Co, ISBN: 978-981-4632-38-6


Free download (pdf version)

Guzzetti F. (2015)

Forecasting natural hazards, performance of scientists, ethics, and the need for transparency

Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry, DOI: 10.1080/02772248.2015.1030664


Free download (pdf version)

Di Capua G. and Peppoloni S. (2014)

Geoethical Aspects in the Natural Hazards Management

pp. 59-62, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-09303-1_11

In: G. Lollino et al. (eds.). Engineering Geology for Society and Territory – Volume 7, Springer International Publishing Switzerland


Free download (pdf version)

Matteucci R., Gosso G., Peppoloni S., Piacente S., Wasowski J. (2014) 
The Geoethical Promise: A Proposal
Episodes, 2014, vol. 37, n. 3, pp. 190-191


Read more (free download)

Peppoloni S. and Di Capua G. (2012)

Geoethics and geological culture: awareness, responsibility and challenges

pp. 335-341, DOI: 10.4401/ag-6099

In: Peppoloni S. and Di Capua G. (eds.). Geoethics and geological culture. Reflections from the Geoitalia Conference 2011, Annals of Geophysics, Special Issue, 55, 3


Free download (pdf version)

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