General Assembly


The General Assembly is composed of all the members of IAPG. It will be convened by the Executive Council (EC), chaired by the IAPG President or, in the case of incapacity of the President to participate, by one of the Vice-Presidents designated by the EC. The Secretary General will draw up the Agenda. The GA meets every four years during the IGC - International Geological Congress. An extraordinary session may be called on the occasion of scientific meetings, upon request of at least one third of the members and at least half of the members of the EC.

1st General Assembly
(Cape Town, South Africa, 31 August 2016, 35th IGC)
Download the minutes (pdf file)
2nd General Assembly
(Delhi, India, 2-8 March 2020, 36th IGC)
The agenda will be available at the beginning of February 2020