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Questionnaire "Geoethics in the Geosciences"


Silvia Peppoloni and Giuseppe Di Capua


The goal of this questionnaire is to understand how much the geoscience community is aware of the importance of the ethical and social aspects of geoscience research and practice.

The feedback received will help IAPG select priorities in its strategy of promoting geoethics.



The questionnaire covers the following topics:

  • Research integrity and professionalism in conducting geoscience activities.

  • Respect towards colleagues and appropriate behaviours in the working environment.

  • Conflicts of interest.

  • Awareness of geoscientists' responsibilities towards society in the dissemination of scientific results, in geoscience communication and geo-education activities.

  • Roles and responsibilities of geoscientists in the decision-making process.

  • Relationship between the geoscience community and stakeholders.

  • Responsibilities of geoscientists towards the Earth system.


We address this questionnaire to all members of the geoscience community, and are promoting it through the web channels of the IAPG and partner organisations, to assure wide international participation. 
You can fill in the questionnaire anonymously. We aimed it at people in the performance of their institutional/professional activities, without implying personal data or information related to their private life.
People filling in the questionnaire act on a voluntary basis. This questionnaire does not contain any reference to political, religious or racial topics. Before filling in the questionnaire, we ask the interviewee to provide her/his own acceptance of statements related to having read the above information, the freedom to withdraw from the survey at any time, and to remain anonymous.

Time needed for filling in the questionnaire

You should be able to complete the survey in 30 minutes.

Link to the questionnaire (external website)

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Procedures for data management

IAPG's procedures for data collection, storage, protection, retention and destruction comply with the "EU GDPR" policy (European Union - General Data Protection Regulation):

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This questionnaire is an initiative of the IAPG – International Association for Promoting Geoethics, partially funded by the IUGS – International Union of Geological Sciences.

The questionnaire has been realized with the great contribution of Jan Boon (IAPG-Canada co-coordinator) and Ruth Allington (IAPG Board of Experts). 

We are also grateful to Susan Kieffer and Shrikant Limaye (IAPG Vice-Presidents), Margaret Brocx, Nic Bilham, and Roberto Greco (IAPG Continental Coordinators), Martin Bohle (IAPG Board of Experts), for their help to improve further this questionnaire.

We also thank Peter Bobrowsky (IAPG Continental Coordinators), Christine McEntee, and Luis González de Vallejo (IAPG Board of Experts) for taking part in the test phase of the questionnaire.


More information

For more information, please, send an email to

How to cite

Peppoloni S. and Di Capua G. (2020). Questionnaire "Geoethics in the Geosciences". IAPG - International Association for Promoting Geoethics:

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