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National sections


The IAPG network can count on 35 national sections on 5 continents.

The national sections are points of aggregation for colleagues in a country. Their mission is to coordinate efforts in promoting Geoethics and enlarging the IAPG network in the country, by encouraging the participation of geoscientists in their activities on the basis of equal opportunities and favouring the exchange of information among its members through newsletters, publications or other suitable tools such as a website and social networks.


Mohammad Salem Hussaini

Kabul Polytechnic University

Asadullah Farahmand

Ministry of Energy and Water, Kabul

Argentina (IAPGeoethics Argentina)

Elizabeth Ivonne Rovere

Servicio Geologico Minero Argentino, Dir. Geología Regional, San Martín - Miguelete - Provincia de Buenos Aires


Roberto Antonio Violante

Argentina Hydrographic Survey, Division of Marine Geology and Geophysics, Buenos Aires


Abdul Baquee Khan Majlis and Jahangir Alam

Geological Survey of Bangladesh (GSB)

Former co-coordinator:

Ershadul Haque

Geological Survey of Bangladesh (GSB)

Facebook page


Wilfredo Ramos Collorana

Universidad Mayor San Andrés (UMSA), La Paz
President of “Colegio de Geólogos de Bolivia"


Eduardo Marone

Federal University of Paraná, Centre for Marine Studies,

Operational Centre of the International Ocean Institute for the South Atlantic


Ndzishepngong Kelvin Ngwang

Geo-Environmental Resource Association (GERAS)

Njilah Isaac Konfor

Department of Earth Sciences, University of Yaounde I



Facebook page


Paul Hubley

Hubley Geosciences Limited (HGL); Professional Geoscientists Ontario (PGO)

Former coordinators:

Jan Boon (passed away on 22 July 2020)

Environment and Social Responsibility Society of the Canadian Institute of Mining

Shona van Zijll de Jong

Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, Queen's University

Anne-Marie Ryan

Earth Sciences Department, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia


Luisa Pinto Lincoñir

Directora Escuela de Ingeniería y Ciencias

Universidad de Chile

IAPG-Chile is also the "Geoethics Group  of the Geological Society of Chile"


Yurisley Valdes Mariño

Instituto Superior Minero Metalúrgico de Moa
GEOMIN - Facultad de Geología y Minas


Facebook page

Democratic Republic of Congo

Jean-Robert Nshokano Mweze

Centre de Recherches Géologiques et Minières - CRGM


Facebook page


Kholoud Mohamed Abdelmaksoud

Institute of African Research and Studies, Cairo University


Facebook page


Michèle Barbier

Institut de Science et Ethique, Nice

David Crookall

Retired from the Université Côte d'Azur, Nice




Simon Schneider

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Dominic Hildebrandt

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and ETH Zurich


Gerassimos A. Papadopoulos

Institute of Geodynamics, National Observatory of Athens


Maria V. Triantaphyllou

Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA)


Surya Parkash Gupta

National Institute of Disaster Management



Nawrass N. Ameen

Department of Environmental Pollution, Al-Muthanna University

Ameer Hayder Khalid

Department of Applied Geosciences, University of Duhok

Former co-coordinator: 

Saleh A. Lazam

Department of Environmental Pollution, Al-Muthanna University


Facebook page



Parviz Armani

Imam Khomeini International University, Tehran


Former co-coordinators:

Nima Nezafati

Department of Earth Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Tehran

Vahid Ahadnejad

Geology Department, Payame Noor University, Tehran

Sedigheh Seifilaleh

University of Tehran, Institute of Geophysics


Facebook page

Italy (this section is legally registered in Italy)

Silvia Peppoloni

Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia; Italian Geological Society


IAPG-Italy is also the "Section of Geoethics and Geological Culture of the Italian Geological Society" 

Section bylaw (in Italian, pdf file)



Mamoon Allan

University of Jordan, Amman


Facebook page


Soumaya Ayadi-Maasri

Saint Joseph University, Beirut; President of ACE - Association for Community and Environment


Hilton Banda Eneya

Geological Survey Department-Malawi; Geoscientist Association of Malawi


Facebook page


Miguel Rangel Medina

Department of Geology at the University of Sonora (Mexico); International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) – Mexico Chapter; Latin American Association of Hydrogeology for Development (Asociación Latinoamericana de Hidrología Subterránea para el Desarrollo - ALHSUD)



Shree Prasad Vista

Nepal Agricultural Research Council; Nepalese Society of Soil Science

Ranjan Kumar Dahal

Central Department of Geology, Geodisaster Research Center, Tribhuvan University


Facebook page

Nigeria (this section is legally registered in Nigeria)

Arinze Harrison Ikwumelezeh

Raw Materials Research and Development Council, Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Abuja




Facebook page

Twitter page


Muhammad Yaseen

Department of Geology, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan 


Emad Ullah Khan

Department of Geology, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan

Facebook page


Moisés Alejandro Gadea Villalba

Department of Geology at the National University of Asunción

Peru (this section is legally registered in Peru)

Pedro Isique

PIASA Consultores SA, San Isidro

Former coordinators:

Carlos Toledo Gutierrez

Antonio Ruiz de Montoya Jesuitas University and National University of San Marcos, Lima

Sandra Paula Villacorta Chambi

Department of Environmental Geology and Geological Risk of the Mining and Metallurgical Geological Institute (INGEMMET); Peruvian Geological Survey, Lima



Facebook page

Linkedin Group


Clara Maria da Silva de Vasconcelos

Department of Geoscience, Environment and Spatial Landing, University of Oporto, Porto 


Paulo Emanuel Talhadas Ferreira da Fonseca

Department of Geology, University of Lisbon

former co-coordinator: 

António José Correia de Almeida

Escola Superior de Educaçã o de Lisboa, Campus de Benfica do IPL, Lisboa




Antoneta Seghedi

National Institute of Marine Geology and Geoecology - GeoEcoMar, Bucharest; and Geological Society of Romania 


Dorina Camelia Ilies

Department of Geography, Tourism and Territorial Planning, University of Oradea

Facebook page


Domingo Alfonso Martín Sánchez

E.T.S.I de Minas y Energía, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid


Former coordinator:

Emilia Hermelinda Lopera Pareja

Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas - CIEMAT, Madrid 


Facebook page

Twitter page


Yüksel Örgün Tutay

Istanbul Technical University - ITU 


Dündar Çağlan

Turkish Chamber of Geological Engineers



Yuriy V. Kostyuchenko (passed away on 16 March 2023)

Scientific Centre for Aerospace Research of the Earth, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Geomorphology and Earth Science Department, Faculty of Geography, Shevchenko Kiev State University


Facebook page

United Kingdom

Antony Benham

SRK Exploration

Former coordinator:

David Craig Ovadia

Former Director of the British Geological Survey’s International Division. Honorary Associate of the University of Dundee, Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law

United States of America

Cindy M. Palinkas

University of Maryland 



David Mogk

Montana University

Former co-coordinator:

Vince Cronin

Baylor University, Texas


Leda Sánchez Bettucci

Instituto de Ciencias Geológicas (ICG), Faculty of Science, Universidad de la República, Uruguay; Geophysical Observatory of Uruguay

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