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Data protection policy

Dear colleague,

this text is part of IAPG‘s efforts to comply with the "EU GDPR" (European Union - General Data Protection Regulation):

On May 25, 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation, or “EU GDPR”, comes into force. The objective of the "EU GDPR" is to set the level of data protection to a uniformly high standard throughout the EU. We have already set the highest standards for our data protection level and are therefore well prepared for the new EU GDPR.

We inform that names and and e-mail-addresses of our members currently reside in IAPG’s internal systems for our internal purposes related to IAPG activities. IAPG is an international geoscience organization, legally registered in Italy, with its head office in Rome and all contact information is either stored in our internal systems hosted in our head office or in an off-line database.

IAPG does not rent or sell our member e-mail list. We may at times use contact information to inform our members about geoethics issues and IAPG activities.

IAPG respects personal data and its usage under the "EU GDPR" policy. In the light of this policy, we wish to inform that:

  • We will never share personal information of an IAPG member without explicit permission or request.

  • Each IAPG member has the right to delete personal information at any time.

  • Each IAPG member has the right to request to edit his/her existing information at any time.

  • All personal information are protected in an encrypted file system with restricted access and safety measures against data intrusion.


If an IAPG member would like to have his/her name and e-mail-address deleted from IAPG’s systems, has to send a request to

EU GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation
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