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Matteucci R., Gosso G., Peppoloni S., Piacente S., Wasowski J. (2014) 
The Geoethical Promise: A Proposal
Episodes, 2014, vol. 37, n. 3, pp. 190-191



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The members of the Italian Commission on Geoethics of the Italian Federation of Earth Sciences have published this interesting article on Episodes (the Journal of the IUGS - International Union of Geological Sciences)
These colleagues (among them, the IAPG Secretary General, Silvia Peppoloni) have proposed a Hippocratic-like oath for geoscientists: the geoethical promise. Here the formula:


The Geoethical Promise

I promise I will practice geosciences being fully aware of the involved social implications, and I will do my best for the protection of geosphere for the benefit of mankind.

I know my responsibilities towards society, future generations and the Earth for a sustainable development.

In my job I will put the interest of society at large in the first place.

I will never misuse my geological knowledge, not even under constraint.

I will always be ready to provide my professional assistance when needed; I will always make my expertise available to decision makers.

I will continue to improve my geological knowledge lifelong and I will always maintain my intellectual honesty at work, being aware of the limits of my capabilities and possibilities.

I will act to foster progress in geosciences, the dissemination of geological knowledge and the spreading of the geoethical approach to the management of land and geological resources.

I will honor my promise that in my work as a geoscientist or certified geologist will be fully respectful of Earth processes.

I promise



The authors "think that a geoethical approach to the geosphere-society relationship is necessary in the epoch in which we live. Geoscientists have to improve their awareness of the geoethical dimension and the importance for sustainable development of their work in geosciences. The introduction of a Hippocratic-like oath for young geoscientists - "the geoethical promise" - could be a way for this purpose. A draft text is proposed for discussion".

Comments with changes, suggestions, improvements and ideas about the formula can be sent with an email to:

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