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IAPG policy


The themes of Geoethics are not readily appealing to many scientific journals, and this severely restricts the dissemination of their content and the development of a critical stance regarding the ethical, social and cultural implications of Geosciences in the scientific community.


It is increasingly urgent to give greater strength and visibility to Geoethics themes so that they are recognized and appreciated by all geoscientists. Geoethics breaks from narrow areas of discussion and provides a point of reflection for Geoscientists.


Through consideration of geoethical questions, Geoscientists have the opportunity to ask questions about themselves, their skills, the quality of their work and the contribution they can provide to the healthy progress of humanity.


Geoethics should become part of the social knowledge and an essential point of reference for every action on the land, waters and atmosphere usage that is taken by stake-holders and decision-makers.

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