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Session on Geoethics at GeoBerlin 2023: Call for Abstracts

THE CALL FOR ABSTRACT IS OPEN (deadline: 3 May 2023)​

GeoBerlin 2023

Geosciences Beyond Boundaries - Research, Society, Future

150th PGLA (BGR) Anniversary and 175th DGGV Anniversary

Session 4.12) "Geoethics – fostering ethical perspectives in the Geosciences"

Conveners: Dominic Hildebrandt, Martin Bohle, Bárbara Zambelli

Session supported by the IAPG - International Association for Promoting Geoethics.

Keynote speaker: Dr. Angélica de Freitas, Belo Horizonte MG, Brazil

Geoethics and Transgenerational Climate Crimes - holding States and corporations accountable

Session description: The potential for the Geosciences to make meaningful contributions to great societal issues is immense. Yet, this also implies huge internal challenges for the Geoscience community itself. Geoethics helps to guide these efforts as a conceptual framework dealing with ethical aspects of Geoscience activities. As an expression of critical thinking and taking responsibility Geoethics is fundamental to all kinds of Geoscience subdisciplines, although it may rise different implications depending on the specific context. Often these are intimately linked to peculiarities of our discipline, e.g. its historically male-dominated character, the image of geoscientists in the public as well as a strong focus on field work. These factors may become a barrier for geoscientists' ability to answer societally relevant problems. Therefore, with this session we aim to provide a dynamic environment for discussions and works featuring a critical analysis of 1) geoscience history and its implications, 2) intra-scientific issues such as inequalities and discriminations of all kinds, 3) working methods and their implications for the environment, research objects and local communities, 4) geosciences at the interface with society, politics and other stakeholders as well as 5) geo-communication and geo-education.

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