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MinerLima 2022 organized by IAPG-Peru: 23-27 November 2022, Lima (Peru)

This is the 8th edition of the International Minerals and Rocks Exhibition in Lima (Peru), organized by IAPG-Peru.

MinerLima is a space to disseminate the Peruvian mineralogical heritage, through an exhibition of minerals and rocks, short courses, conferences and workshops (for children and the general public), geological excursions and even more. The most important goal of this event is to educate the Peruvian citizens on geoscience as well as to create links between the geoscience community and society.

MinerLima is organized by IAPG-Peru at the Parque Alfredo Salazar, Miraflores, Lima. Everybody is invited to be part of this event. The entrance is free.

After the official inauguration of MinerLima 2022 on 10 June 2022, conferences on geoethics, deontology in geosciences, geology, crystallography, petrology, litho-geochemistry, paleontology have been held by experts, among them the event "The new Socio-environmental Challenges in Las Bambas Mining" ("Los nuevos Retos Socio-ambientales en la Minera Las Bambas", in Spanish) held on 30 September 2022 at Museo de Minerales Andrés del Castillo in Lima.

In addition, with the support of the IAPG-Peru student chapters, workshops and competitions for school children on the Universe, volcanoes, earthquakes, mass movements, minerals and the identification of rocks have been organized. The have already been studied, soon the theme will include. Students were also involved in choosing the mascot of MinerLima 2022 through a public contest.

Among the other activities planned there is a field trip that will be announced on the official Facebook page of the “Feria Internacional de Minerales de Lima”:

Details about the program are available on the MinerLima website:

MinerLima 2022 and IAPG-Peru wait you in Lima!


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