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Geotourism in the Middle East

We inform you about the recent publication of the following book:

Mamoon Allan and Ross Dowling, eds. (2023). Geotourism in the Middle East. Springer, Cham, XV+278 pp., ISBN 978-3031241727.

This book represents one of the pioneering works on Geotourism in the Middle East. Its primary objective is to facilitate the development of this particular form of tourism in the region. It features a collection of case studies from various countries that showcase potential geotouristic destinations.

Moreover this book contain the following chapter on geoethics:

Peppoloni S. and Di Capua G. (2023). The Significance of Geotourism Through the Lens of Geoethics. In Allan M. and Dowling R. (Eds.), Geotourism in the Middle East, Springer, Cham, pp. 41-52.


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