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Geoethics Medal 2024: Call for applications open!

geoethics medal

We are pleased to announce that the call for applications for the Geoethics Medal 2024 is now open.

The Geoethics Medal honors scientists and scholars who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to ethical practices in geoscience research and/or practice, as well as its interdisciplinary applications. The award highlights the importance of responsible and ethical behavior in geosciences and encourages others to integrate geoethical principles into their work.

The Geoethics Medal is open to geoscientists and other scholars/professionals from around the world who have made significant contributions to promoting geoethics and social geosciences and/or including geoethical principles and values into their professional and/or societal practices. Candidates may be nominated for their work in various areas, including:

  • Development and implementation of geoethical practices in professional and societal settings.

  • Education and outreach efforts that enhance the understanding of geoethics and social geosciences among students and the general public.

  • Leadership in promoting geoethical standards within organizations, institutions, and society.

Nominations have to be submitted by 31 December 2024, by providing the following material about the candidate:

​- A CV (about 1 page) and a list of up to 10 selected publications that show the focus on ethical/social/cultural implications in the geoscience work, as well as interdisciplinary applications.

- A concise statement of achievements for merits in the geoethical field (maximum 250 words).

- A brief encomium of the candidate and his/her work (maximum 600 words).

​The nominations have to be submitted through an email to:, with the subject “Nomination for the IAPG Geoethics Medal 2024”.

The nominations will be evaluated by an international committee.

Important: IAPG officers (Members of the Executive Council, Coordinators of National Sections, Corresponding Citizen Scientists, Members of Task Groups, Members of the Board of the Young Scientists Club) cannot be nominated for the Geoethics Medal.

More about the Geoethics Medal:


IAPG - International Association for Promoting Geoethics:

IUGS - Commission on Geoethics:

CIPSH - Chair on Geoethics:


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