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Fahd Albarraq (Yemen) awarded with the Geoethics Medal 2022

We are happy to announce that the Geoethics Medal 2022 was assigned to Fahd Albarraq (Yemen), geologist, Director of the Yemen Geological Museum in Sana'a.

This is the statement of achievements:

"For his valuable contribution in promoting Earth Sciences in society by sharing knowledge, running geological museum without wages since 2016 in a war-torn country, with a socio-economically and politically failed state, where he risks his life every day. As a Pioneer Geological expert, educator and currently teaching geology to more than 500 students/researchers in Yemen and Arabian Peninsula every week, aiming to add value and help all the students wherever practical learning and geological exploration is limited due to scarcity of required resources, Fahd Albarraq endeavors to do his best for keeping open and running the museum without interrupting his geological educational activities.

Fahd Albarraq shares his geological, mineral, environmental knowledge in an easy, attractive and passionate way, through which he offers clear and careful explanations of geological observations without trivializing the content, while always paying great attention to the quality of scientific discourse. His efforts in promoting global sustainable development goals beside promoting geoeducation are much more than a mission to disseminate Earth Sciences knowledge among students and general public. Fahd Albarraq is an excellent example of a passionate geologist who feels and practices his geological activity as a geoethical duty towards society, while working in a war country. A great example of humanity for our future generations."


2022: Fahd Albarraq (Yemen)

2021: Sandra Villacorta (Peru) and Iain Hay (Australia)

2020: John Geissman (USA)

2019: Linda Gundersen (USA)

2018: Chris King (United Kingdom)


Geoethics Medal webpage:

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