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Session "Ethical, social and cultural aspects/implications in landslide risk management" at 6th WLF

THE CALL FOR ABSTRACT IS OPEN (deadline: 28 February 2023)​

6th World Landslide Forum "Landslide Science for Sustainable Development", Florence (Italy), 14-17 November 2023

Theme 1 - Session 1.5 "Ethical, social and cultural aspects/implications in landslide risk management"

Conveners: Peter T. Bobrowsky, Irasema Alcántara-Ayala, Giuseppe Di Capua, Claudio Margottini, Silvia Peppoloni. 

​Session description:

The science and practice of landslide research primarily aims to better understand the nature, distribution, and behavior of all types of landslides under a broad range of conditions and across the widest spectra of environments. Landslide research further aims to use this understanding to ensure that the health and well-being of individuals, communities, societies and the related socio-cultural structure, such as critical infrastructure, is secure through disaster risk management, including education, preparedness and best practices deployed in a timely and professional manner. By definition, landslide related studies are often subject to many factors that can negatively influence the impartiality, transparency, inclusivity, and standards of conduct of individuals. Today more than ever before, landslide researchers need to critically evaluate all stages of their work from site selection, project goals, participation, output dissemination, quality control, data sharing, authorship, accountability, and other issues based on a foundation of ethical values and practice. This session provides an opportunity to present and discuss a suite of topics, case studies and strategies that are germane to ethical landslide research. We encourage practitioners to submit contributions related to landslide ethics as examples include conflicts of interest, gender/ageism biases, questionable peer reviewing, breaches of standards, work safety avoidance, developed country favoritism, information hoarding, rumor impacts, social media abuse, limiting education, and respecting privacy are but a few examples of the many ethical issues that can impede the positive growth and progress in landslide studies.

This session is sponsored by the International Association for Promoting Geoethics – IAPG.

​The deadline for the abstract submission is: 28 February 2023.

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