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IAPG and GSU signed a Memorandum of Agreement on 1 December 2022

IAPG - International Association for Promoting Geoethics and GSU - Geological Society of Uganda signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) on 1 December 2022.

The aim of the memorandum of agreement (MoA) is to develop a coordinated approach, where appropriate, for promoting initiatives and events discussing the ethical, social, and cultural implications of geosciences, and favoring high ethical standards in the research and practice of Geoscience in order to better serve the geoscience community and society as a whole.

The MoA expresses a mutual desire to cooperate on a range of themes in the field of geoethics. It helps to assure a continued IAPG – GSU cooperation and coordination on issues of common interests, in particular the following:

  • Promotion of principles of ethics, research integrity, and professional deontology in geoscientific activities.

  • Definition of ethical issues, with accompanying case-studies, where appropriate, affecting the geoscientific community and organizations in Uganda.

  • Co-organization of scientific events to disseminate concepts of ethics in geosciences, among both the professional and research communities, with particular attention to young and early career geoscientists.

  • Production of relevant publications and communications.

Both organizations will establish a liaison to ensure good information flow and cooperation.

GSU agrees to support the “Cape Town Statement on Geoethics” (that contains the Geoethical Promise, an Hippocratic-like oath for geoscientists: and to be included among the list of supporting organizations of the statement.

GSU ( is an Ugandan Registered Association which was formed in 1970 and comprises of Registered Geoscientists in the Earth science professions. The Earth Scientists in this Society include broadly those actively involved in the fields of Geology, Hydrogeology, Marine Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geomorphology and Environmental Geology, Mining Engineering, Mineral Technology, Energy, Petroleum geosciences and Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Seismology and Earthquake Engineering and any branch of these subjects or related fields. For one to be a Member of GSU, the prequalification is that the Earth Scientist has to be professionally trained in any of the above fields. The registered office of the Society is situated at the College of Natural Sciences at Makerere University in the Republic of Uganda.

The aims and purpose of the GSU is to encourage and promote the study and professional practice of the Earth Sciences, particularly in Uganda and elsewhere, facilitating the exchange of ideas between earth scientists and other members of society for the benefit not only of the Geoscience fraternity alone but for the people whom this science can serve and considering the principal aspects of Environmental protection and Safety.

The main objectives of GSU are the following:

  • Arranging and sponsoring lectures, seminars, colloquia, symposia and excursions.

  • Encouraging the publication of suitable research material principally through the medium of its newsletter and journal.

  • Maintaining liaison with geological and allied institutions both within and outside Uganda including offering technical assistance and advice on problems related to Earth Science.

  • Upholding professional standards and ethics as contained in the Code of Professional Conduct of the Society locally and Internationally.

  • Promoting and advocating for the welfare of its members at their places of work.

  • Maintaining its registration as a legal entity and remaining non-political.


IAPG affiliations and agreements:

IAPG - International Association for Promoting Geoethics:

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