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Geoethics: Manifesto for an Ethics of Responsibility Towards the Earth

Peppoloni S. and Di Capua G. (2022). Geoethics: Manifesto for an Ethics of Responsibility Towards the Earth. Springer, Cham, XII+123 pp., ISBN 978-3030980436.

About this book:

This book outlines the current development of geoethical thinking, proposing to the general public reflections and categories useful for understanding the ethical, cultural, and societal dimensions of anthropogenic global changes.

Geoethics identifies and orients responsible behaviors and actions in the management of natural processes, redefining the human interaction with the Earth system based on a critical, scientifically grounded, and pragmatic approach. Solid scientific knowledge and a philosophical reference framework are crucial to face the current ecological disruption. The scientific perspective must be structured to help different human contexts while respecting social and cultural diversity. It is impossible to respond to global problems with disconnected local actions, which cannot be proposed as standard and effective operational models. Geoethics tries to overcome this fragmentation, presenting Earth sciences as the foundation of responsible human action toward the planet. Geoethics is conceived as a rational and multidisciplinary language that can bind and concretely support the international community, engaged in resolving global environmental imbalances and complex challenges, which have no national, cultural, or religious boundaries that require shared governance. Geoethics is proposed as a new reading key to rethinking the Earth as a system of complex relationships, in which the human being is an integral part of natural interactions.

- Puts geoethics into an historic context of the development of environmental approaches.

- Analyzes global geo-environmental problems through the lens of geoethical thinking.

- Discusses the concept of Anthropocene from a geoethical perspective.

Table of contents:

  • Front Matter (Pages i-xii) - download for free

  • Introduction (Pages 1-8)

  • Origins of Geoethical Thought (Pages 9-17)

  • From Ethics to Geoethics (Pages 19-29)

  • The Concept of Responsibility (Pages 31-47)

  • The Advantage of Geoethical Action (Pages 49-54)

  • Ethical Problems and Dilemmas in the Geosciences (Pages 55-61)

  • The Values of Geoethics (Pages 63-82)

  • Geoethics and Anthropogenic Global Changes (Pages 83-106)

  • Geoethics for an Ecological Humanism (Pages 107-123)


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