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International Forum on Geological Risk Management 


A forum in Arequipa (Peru) on 14-16 October 2015

Centro de Convenciones del

Colegio de Abogados Av. Alfonso Ugarte s/n.



The Forum is organized by the INGEMMET – Peruvian Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Institute.

The aim of this event is to have together a group of senior experts so they publicize their ongoing works and the methodologies that are currently being applied in management of geological risk in order to spread their knowledge and reduce future disasters.

During the event different experts will describe their scientific research and experiences, classified into 4 thematic sessions:


• Geoscientific research.

• Prevention and Risk Reduction.

• Preparation, response and rehabilitation.

• Reconstruction.


Furthermore, the First Meeting of Volcanic Observatories of Latin America is held as part of the Forum.

4 specialized pre and post Forum courses are organized, taking advantage of the presence of international experts in Arequipa.

Silvia Peppoloni (IAPG Secretary General) gives a Lectio Magistralis titled: "Geoethics: a framework for the management of the geosphere and georisks".

The IAPG-Peru patronizes the Forum.


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