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European Projects and Infrastructures

Geoethics in ENVRI-Plus and EMSO 


A great challenge for ‪the IAPG members.





Geoethics has been included into a big European Project, started on 1st May 2015.

The project is named ENVRI-Plus, it is born to develop Common Operations of Environmental Research Infrastructures. ENVRI-Plus is a cluster of European research infrastructures (RIs) for Environmental and Earth System sciences.

Silvia Peppoloni (IAPG Secretary General) will lead a Work Package (WP) titled "Developing an Ethical Framework for RIs", entirely dedicated to develop the ethical and social aspects of the project.

The objectives of the WP are:


  • Increasing the awareness on the importance of ethical aspects in Earth sciences as a whole, by both the scientists and the public.

  • Establishing shared ethical reference framework adopted by RIs governing bodies, including management guidelines for Ethical Boards in RIs.

  • Increasing the awareness of RIs management and operational levels and the individual involved scientists on their social role in conducting research activities and research work environment.

  • Assessing the ethical and social aspects related to project results achieved and deliverables released.


In addition, Silvia Peppoloni has been called to be part in the proposal for establishing an Ethical Committee in EMSO, the European Research Infrastructure of fixed seafloor and water column observatories for long-term monitoring of marine environmental processes.

We will keep you informed on activities.



- ENVRI-Plus website

- ENVRI-Plus Project launched with kick-off meeting in Helsinki (from ICOS website)

- ENVRI website

- EMSO website

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