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Mamoon Allan
Geotourism in Jordan
2014, p. 146, the Deanship of Academic Research (DAR), the University of Jordan
(In Arabic)



From the publisher:

Key Features

This book is considered one of the first books on geotourism that is published in Arabic language. The literature of geotourism phenomenon is still scant in the Middle East, in general, and in the Arabic countries, in particular. This is the second book on geotourism for the author, the first one is entitled "Geotourism: toward a better understanding of motivations for a Geotourism experience: A Self-Determination Theory perspective".

This book seeks to investigate the potential of geotourism development in Jordan. More specifically, it sheds the light on the geotourism supply and demand and introduces the best practice for enhancing the geoheritage in Jordan. It further explores the potential geological geotourism attractions, such as, the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, Petra, Wadi Araba, Dana Nature Reserve, Wadi Al-Mujib and others.

Table of contents
Concept of geotourism: geotourism definitions, geotourism principles and elements, geosites and geotourist. 
Geotourism in the Middle East: geotourism attractions in the Middle East, popular geotourism sites in the Middle East. 
Geotourism in Jordan: geosites, benefits of geotourism development, obstacles of geotourism development, developing geotourism supply and demand, recommendations. 


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