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Cover Annals of Geophysics

Peppoloni Silvia, Di Capua Giuseppe, Bobrowsky Peter T., Cronin Vincent S. (Eds.)
Geoethics at the heart of all geoscience 
Annals of Geophysics, 2017, Vol. 60, Fast Track 7

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Green Mining – A Holistic Concept for Sustainable and Acceptable Mineral Production
Pekka Nurmi

A Concept of Society-Earth-Centric Narratives
Martin Bohle, Anna Sibilla, Robert Casals I Graells

Furthering Ethical Requirements for Applied Earth Science
Martin Bohle, Erle C. Ellis

Delivering Sustainable Development Goals: The Need for a New International Resource Governance Framework
Edmund Nickless

Geoethics in Science Communication: The Relationship between Media and Geoscientists
Franco Foresta Martin, Silvia Peppoloni

Geosciences at the Service of Society: The Path Traced by Antonio Stoppani

Stefania Lucchesi

Some Fundamental Issues in Geoethics

David M. Abbott

Public Policies, Social Perception and Media Content on Fracking: An Analysis in the Spanish Context

Emilia Hermelinda Lopera-Pareja, Ana Garcia Laso, Domingo Alfonso Martin-Sanchez

Geoscience Engagement in Global Development Frameworks

Joel C. Gill, Florence Bullough

On the Contribution of Philosophical and Geoscientific Inquiry to Geoethics (qua Applied Ethics)

Thomas Pölzler

The Role for a Large Scientific Society in Addressing Harassment and Work Climate Issues

Billy M. Williams, Christine McEntee, Brooks Hanson, Randy Townsend

Geoethics: ethical, social and cultural implications in geosciences

Silvia Peppoloni, Giuseppe Di Capua

The Cape Town Statement on Geoethics
Giuseppe Di Capua, Silvia Peppoloni, Peter T. Bobrowsky

Dilemmas of Promoting Geoscience Workforce Growth in a Dynamically Changing Economy

Christopher M. Keane, Maeve Boland

Ethical but Upsetting Geoscience Research: A Case Study

Thomas Pölzler, Florian Ortner

Ethical Dilemmas in Geosciences. We Can Ask, but, Can We Answer?

Eduardo Marone, Silvia Peppoloni

Geoethics and Professionalism: The Responsible Conduct of Scientists
David W. Mogk

Communicating Seismic Risk: the Geoethical Challenges of a People-Centred, Participatory Approach

Iain S. Stewart, Johanna Ickert, Robin Lacassin

The Social Sense of Geological Literacy
Héctor Luis Lacreu

Social Responsibility: A New Challenge in Graduate University Education

Roberto G. Lencina

Impacts of Ports along the Pilbara Coast, Western Australia – A Coastline of Global Geoheritage Significance that Services a Mineral-Rich Hinterland
Margaret Brocx, Vic Semeniuk

Building Bridges through Science: Increased Geoscience Engagement with Canada’s Northern Communities

Pascale Groulx, Donna Kirkwood, Daniel Lebel

Geological Services towards a Sustainable Use and Management of the Subsurface: A Geoethical Imperative

Serge F. Van Gessel, Klaus Hinsby, Gerry Stanley, Jørgen Tulstrup, Yvonne Schavemaker, Kris Piessens, Paul J.F. Bogaard

Geoethics in Hollywood: How Can We Put More Reality into Fault Hazard Zoning?
Eldon M. Gath, Tania González

The Marine Environment: Hazards, Resources and the Application of Geoethics Principles
Roberto A. Violante, Graziella Bozzano, Elizabeth I. Rovere

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