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AGU - Fall Meeting 2018

Washington, D.C. (USA), 10-14 December 2018


Session ED13D (Posters):

Geoethics: Taking a Stand for Ethical Geoscience Research, Education, Communication, and Practice

Date, Hours, and Venue:

10 December 2018, 13:40 - 18:00, Walter E Washington Convention Center - Hall A-C (Poster Hall). 


Cindy Palinkas (primary convener; IAPG-USA co-chair), Vincent S. Cronin (IAPG-USA co-chair), Silvia Peppoloni (IAPG Secretary General), Chris Keane (AGI)


There is a clear need to develop ethical frameworks within which geoscientists can conduct their research, professional, education, and outreach activities. Geoethics deals with the ethical, social and cultural implications of geoscience research and practice, and so provides these frameworks in a variety of settings. For example, as scholars and experts in earth sciences, geoscientists are required to conduct research responsibly and to inform society of potential geological hazards and possible sustainable resources. As educators, they should train students in ethical practices. In all activities, they should exemplify ethical behaviors and attitudes as they interact with colleagues and students in the work environment (including offices, classrooms, labs, and the field) and seek to increase diversity and inclusion. The goal of this session is to discuss these frameworks, considering both theoretical and practical aspects. We invite contributions focusing on the ethical aspects of geoscience research, practice and education, including case studies.




Ethics of Nuclear Winter and Climate Intervention (Geoengineering) Research and of Making Policy Recommendations

(by Alan Robock)


How Ethical Violations Undermine the Integrity of Science: Analysis of a Prominent Case from the Geosciences (by Sadredin C Moosavi)

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Need For Academic Professional Ethics Training To Prepare Candidates To Take The National Association Of State Boards Of Geology (ASBOG®) National Licensing Examinations

(by John W Williams and Randy Kath)


On the Fundamentals of Geoethics

(by Vincent S. Cronin)


Geoethics in Every Geoscience Classroom: It is About Time!

(by John W Geissman)


Scientific integrity and ethical challenges in current US federal policy: Where do we go from here?

(by Gretchen T. Goldman, Jacob Matthew Carter, and Genna Reed)


Teacher experiences, views and proposals: first results from a questionnaire developed in the frame of ENVRIPLUS project

(by Giuliana D'Addezio)


Teaching Ethics and Multicultural Norms in Geosciences

(by Linda Battalora and Manika Prasad)


Teaching Geoethics at Universidad de Chile: Impacts Within and Beyond the Classroom

(by Luisa Pinto, Ignacio Escudero, Pablo Ramirez, Tania G. Villaseñor, and Millarca Valenzuela)


AGU Fall Meeting 2018 - Scientific Program - Session on Geoethics:

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